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How many times can you wear Mink Lashes?

You can wear these lashes up to 30-40 times with proper care.

How long does the Mega Hold glue last?

There is a 24 hour hold for the glue.

Do you recommend taking the lashes off when you go to sleep?

Yes I do. So that you don't ruin the lash while you are sleeping.

How often should you clean your lashes?

Every time you want to re wear them.

What do you use to clean the Mink Lashes?

A mild soap, such as baby shampoo, and water.

What is the return policy?

If a customer is not satisfied with our products, we would be happy to 

issue a full refund or offer them a similar product.

Please email us at to inquire about a refund or exchange and we will reach out within 1 business day.

Customer service is very important to us.

How long does it take to process an order?

Orders usually process between 1-3 business days and then it is off to be shipped.

How long does it take for A Marie Beauty products to ship?

We are shipping with USPS.

Please allow 3-10 business days before you receive for product.

How long does the lip products last?

Our lip products are an all day wear. 

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